Mt82 power limit

The Ford Mustang GT’s Six-Speed Manual Transmission Is New-And-Improved For 2018

For what could possibly be cost reasons, Ford ditched the beloved Tremec T5 and TR manuals in the base Ford Mustang and Mustang GT for the Getrag Ford MT82 in the model year, and many owners have complained about problems ever since — everything from third gear lockouts to broken shift forks. Gregorio, et al. Ford Motor Company was filed in the U. District Court for the Central District of California, and it addresses a number of complaints that have persisted for a decade now. Those complaints include claims that inherent defects cause the Ford MT82 transmission to slip, jerk, engage harshly, clash gears, suffer premature wear, and eventually fail.

Plaintiffs claim this has led to the replacement of shift forks, shift shafts, synchronizers, and clutch assemblies, or even the entire transmission, only for them to experience the same problems all over again. The lawsuit alleges that Ford has known about these transmission issues in association with the Mustang sincesince the automaker has issued a number of technical service bulletins and special service messages related to the MT82 or MTD4.

In those documents, Ford has instructed its dealer technicians to drain and refill the transmissions, replace the third and fourth gear shift forks, the countershaft third gears, and the third and fourth gear synchronizer hubs and sleeves. Technicians have also been told to replace the gearshift levers, the clutch pedal position switches, brackets, the main shaft second gears, and the first and second gear synchronizer hubs and sleeves.

At that time, the NHTSA found complaints related to the transmission, especially in cold temperatures.

mt82 power limit

Ford reportedly took action to correct these problems, and the NHTSA closed its case after finding that there was no substantial safety risk associated with the complaints. For its part, Ford denies that there are any defects in the MT82, and states that these problems are caused by the normal wear and tear to which a manual transmission is subjected. Subscribe to Ford Authority For around-the-clock Ford news coverage.

We'll send you one email per day with the latest Ford updates. Brett's lost track of all the Fords he's owned over the years and how much he's spent modifying them, but his current money pits include an S Mustang and 13th gen F So far…so good for my experience.

I will say though, that until the transmission fluid gets up to temperature, shifting is a bit clunky and higher effort regardless of how far one disengages the clutch. Compared to my front drive Focus ST which also has a Getrag model six speed and shifts like silk no matter the temperature…the MT82 does leave a bit to be desired….

I brought a brand new mustang GT manual and I have had three transmission. They replaced the first after miles and the second another miles. My fifth gear went out in both transmission and the second replacement also was heating along with the fifth gear. Manual transmissions: archaic pieces of machinery that should be filed away with the bumper jack, distributors and diesel engines.

However, these new performance vehicles are nothing like the cars of old. I understand your thinking when it comes to the full experience of a performance car, but manual transmissions, in this day and age, honestly limit the performance of the car even if they add to the thrill. There are few things as fun as downshifting from fifth to third and feeling the thrust of acceleration form a V8 under the hood, tires spinning and experiencing all of the joy that it brings, but from the standpoint of performance, there are very few people, if any, that can out shift a modern automatic or DCT.

I still favor loud, obnoxious performance cars to Electric but the truth is, while manuals will always hold a place in the hearts of enthusiasts kind of like pushrod V8 big blocks the truth is, manual transmissions take a huge back seat to modern Automatics and DCT and are not very profitable. If they had deployed the TR, there would be no lawsuit. Your claim that the manual transmission should go by the way of the do-do bird is short-sighted. There are still too many of us left who appreciate loud, obnoxious, high horsepower cars and insist on the the immersive experience of manually shifting their vehicles.

Porsche was bombarded with requests for manual transmissions to be offered with these cars and they listened, adding the 6 speed manuals as no cost options in Yes, same here. Purchased a MT82 in Sept.

mt82 power limit

My car has only 10k miles so hoping no future issues. Yes, the getrag is definitely the weak point in my Mustang GT. I will not buy with that transmission again! FORD and the Supplier should refund everyone for this transmission. I will NOT buy another Mustang with this transmission in it. Then ford overturned it and guess what? They broke left and right resulting in a huge lawsuit between ford and international.

The coyote would be solid with the older T or the updated tr which are built to handle the power.But just as the Coyote has since moved oninheriting dual-injection and the 5.

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The clutch on the newest Ford Mustang GT has been overhauled, as well, making use of a new twin-disk setup to increase the torque limit while decreasing the amount of effort required to depress the pedal. Mating with the twin-disk clutch in GT models is a new dual-mass flywheel, which should work to dampen violent changes in torque and rotational speed.

When taken together, all of this means the newly-revamped, Ford Mustang GT ought to deliver smoother, quicker shifts with easier clutch operation, all while taking some of the harshness out of the driveline. Stay tuned to hear our thoughts on how all this new equipment improves the driving experience, when we release our first-drive review of the refreshed Mustang GT next week. Subscribe to Ford Authority For around-the-clock Ford news coverage.

We'll send you one email per day with the latest Ford updates. Aaron Brzozowski is a writer and motoring enthusiast from Detroit with an affinity for '80s German steel. He is not active on the Twitter these days, but you may send him a courier pigeon. Sounds like they widened out the ratios for MPG. A real performance car would have 6th direct and close ratios. This is a street car, not an F1 screamer. This gets the revs up quickly and keeps the engine in the power band. Then you have a big gap to fourth for the straightaways.

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We are currently looking for experienced automotive journalists and editors to join our team. We are also looking for an experienced forum moderator to join our team. See details here. It's totally free. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. All rights reserved. Sign in New account. Remember me.From rebuilds to full blown Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3 built transmissions. I can guarantee the utmost attention to detail and quality matched by none other. Now offering new Tremec transmissions.

We take pride in our products and provide the best possible product to the customer at a reasonable price. Every transmission is hand assembled and components are perfectly fit. The best way to contact me is call me. Mon-Fri eastern time Hard, inconsistent, or missed shifts? Lockouts or grinding? Need more power capability? A Calimer built Getrag Mt is your solution. Available in Stage 1, 2 or 3. Hard shifts? Stuck in gear? Difficult 3rd to 4th gear shift?

A Calimer built Tremec T56 is your solution. Available in Stage 1, or 2. Grinding shift? Available in Stage 1 or 2. Our most compact transmission. Extremely lightweight; just 75 lbs. Ideal for moderate horsepower builds where space is limited.

How to shift a Coyote mustang

Excellent drivability with light shift effort, smooth shift quality. Exceptional fuel savings with 0. A favorite of many weekend cruisers, street-rodders, and kit car enthusiasts. The original 5-speed overdrive heavyweight. Up to lb-ft. Exceptionally light at just 99 lbs.

Robust 3-rail internal shift mechanism offers firm, positive shifts. Multiple gearing and overdrive options see Technical Specifications. The aftermarket's premier 6-speed performance manual transmission. Reasonably light at lbs. Choice of two different gear ratio sets 2. Incredibly short, extremely low-effort shift throws, with crisp, precise engagement.

Modern OE supercar technology for the ultimate pro-tourers, road-racers, and more. Trans mount isolated shifter and shift ball. SFI-approved steel bellhousing.

Well I finally installed my stage 2 mt82 built by Ben, transmission shifts perfectly very smooth no whine whatsoever, couldn't be more happier thank you again Ben for your mt82 expertise. C50, a Mustang Evolution Review. Welcome to Calimer Performance Transmissions.Forums New posts Search forums Image search.

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Change style. Contact Us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. MT82 power level limits. Thread starter wimbrow Start Date Oct 27, My car has 10k of beating it like I hate it and it just fine. Car has long tubes, full exhaust, cai, e V8EATR said:.

My car has has been abused several with Mexico almost every weekend and 6k RPM clutch dumps at the track. So far at 19K miles and still strong. Only thing I've replaced is the clutch due to my pedal sticking to the floor at high RPMs at time at around 13k miles. I believe Lethal has taken their MT82 car to 9.

Vehicle s '16 GT PP. I have the stuff in my sig with the stock clutch and I haven't had any issues with my MT Last edited: Oct 29, First Name Andrew Vehicle s The pot stirrer. No issues here.

mt82 power limit

HoosierDaddy Well-Known Member. GT is rated for I doubt you will exceed that. HoosierDaddy said:.

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GT doesn't use the MT I'm still on stock MT82 and it hasn't had an issue yet. I was referring to the engine power. OP is wanting his Coyote to exceed the GT with just headers and a tune. Lonmon Well-Known Member.See all 7 photos. No doubt the Ford Mustang is a survivor. The progenitor of all other ponycars is the only one of its kind to remain in continuous production for more than 45 years the Corvette is not a ponycar, so no letters, please.

The current, fifth-generation platform has been around sinceand racers are thoroughly acquainted with its vices and virtues. As with any stocker, once these lead-foots got their hands on the car and started ramping up the power, weak points inevitably manifested themselves.

These guys actively tune, race, and sell Mustang performance parts. If there's a way to break these cars, they've found it. Unless otherwise stated, all quoted power levels except Ford's factory engine ratings are at the rear wheels, not the flywheel. There can be up to a 15 percent loss through the drivetrain.

Engines ''10 4. The solution is Comp Cams' phase limitation kit, locking out the phaser, or converting to a nonvariable cam-timing setup. Con rods break to hp : The stock powdered-metal connecting rods are generally the three-valve motor's weakest link.

Burcham has seen random failures of stock rods as low as hp; "hp and higher for an extended time period will definitely break them. But if there's even slight detonation, the pistons can shatter into hundreds of pieces.

Replace the weak stockers with quality aftermarket forged pistons. As a cracked-cap design, it's hard to upgrade. I've seen them take more abuse than that, but I've also seen them break with less. Oil pump upgrade high boost : Burcham recommends an upgraded billet high-volume oil pump if running high boost and high rpm. So far Burcham is making hp at the wheels at 8, rpm on a stock motor with no problems.

Svinicki says the engines have been very durable so far. Others aren't so fortunate. Con rods break to hp : Expect the rods to still be a weak link.Dallas Fort Worth 5. Sponsored Ads. I hope this hasn't been posted before, but as y'all have seen with other posts. I'm looking into forced induction for my 5. I've been told by a few friends till they where blue in the face that my stock internals and transmission couldn't handle over horse power safely.

I was also told if I did I would shave significant life off of my engine and drive train. What's the truth and reality of it, because I know hundreds of people are running hp cars with no problems. Last question and its just to see. Would you pick a root supercharger, centrifugal supercharger or turbo? I'm partial to roots style, Kenne Bell being what I run on mine. I'm at hp, have been beating on it pretty good since Christmas, and so far so good.

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Have put about 12, miles on her since then, including a road trip last week to Ohio for a drag race. Ran My MT82 has seen literally hundreds of launches, started the China Whine thing 2 years ago in Maryland, and has progressively gotten quieter as time has gone by.

Not saying it's my favorite transmission by any means, but it has held up pretty damn well. The secret to keeping these things alive above hp is all in the tune, get a good one and then don't fuck with it some people are tweakers, and just can't leave shit aloneand then drive it like you want it to stick around for a while.

You can beat on them pretty regularly, but don't treat it like a race car. Be smart and it will reward you for a good long time. View Public Profile Send a private message to downtime! Find More Posts by downtime! Originally Posted by downtime! I'm not and expert by any means but a lot from what I have heard on other forums is that the coyote motor can handle rwhp, BUT that is gonna be all based on your driving habits As far as the stock tranny I don't know it's limits.

I have driven both roots and centri style supercharged mustangs and I just love the feel as efficiency of a turbo setup. Just a little more food for thought, but there are quite a few stock internal 5.

mt82 power limit

They're all on E85, seems to give a little extra cushion on the bottom end limits, at least with a decently safe tune. Originally Posted by KnightRider5. Thanks for the input, my car gets "driven" but not beat on. I baby her till she warms up then every once in a while I floor it threw a couple gears smile and let off. Usually getting on the highway. I'm pretty much looking into FI to have the horsepower and enjoy it.

My car will never be a track car. I want boost. My MT82 is holding up just fine. I love the corn lol car has been this way for 12k miles now.

Mustang MT82 Transmission Woes Lead To New Class Action Lawsuit

It's definitely going to be all with the tune and your driving habits. When I have the money to retire my Mustang as my daily and get a beater I will be going the FI route too. I think the safest approach would be to go with a centrifugal blower on lower boost. Its not as much of a torque shock to the internals and tranny and would have the potential to hold up in the long run better.

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